CalendarTree was created after Quin Harker and Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) got tired of talking about how frustrating it is was to keep up with all the family activities, games, practices, work events, and school functions. The obvious solution was for everyone in the family to keep their calendars updated all the time, but we all know how hard that can be when a family gets crazy-busy.

The problem wasn’t calendars. It was the inability to share full schedules (as opposed to single events) in a user-friendly way. After an unsuccessful search for existing solutions, Quin and Scott partnered with BlueChilli, an Australian technology venture startup, to see what was possible. CalendarTree is the happy result. Sharing schedules is now as simple as clicking.

CalendarTree's mission is to connect people and time.

This calendar is using CalendarTree schedules - we'd love to include your events. Please contact to get involved.