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Here are a few recent reports and think pieces that are stimulating debate and policy making.

Catherine Livingstone on Innovation

President of the Business Council of Australia Catherine Livingstone presents to Universities Australia Higher Education Conference, 12 March 2015 on “Universities and the new era”. What characterises the new era, and the implications for the Australian economy and wealth creation; The critical role of universities as part of our knowledge infrastructure and Ensuring that education as a product remains fit for purpose.

Digital Innovation Forum

Hosted at UTS with the Digital Transformation Office and Malcolm Turnbull (Minister for Communications). An expert panel explores key themes around government innovation, technology as an enabler of innovation, mobility and digital service delivery, and technological imagination. (Video of panel discussion)

Deloitte, Australia’s digital pulse

The Australian digital economy has experienced rapid growth over recent years. The contribution of digital technologies to the Australian economy was $79 billion in 2013–14 compared with $50 billion in 2011, and is expected to continue growing in a globally-connected digital world. Digital disruption is dramatically changing industries and occupations across the economy. The number of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) workers increased to 600,000 in 2014, and now more than half (52%) are in industries outside ICT itself including professional services, public administration and financial services.

Maker movement

Australians are no longer isolated do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) tinkering away in their garden sheds. Instead, their extraordinary ideas are connected through social media and in physical spaces such as hacker spaces and maker fairs. Startups are harnessing the value of open source and open standards, using crowd-funding to make things happen. An Australian perspective on a US report entitled “A Movement in the Making” published by Deloitte University Press in January 2014 by John Hagel, John Seely Brown and Duleesha Kulasooriya, together with the U.S. Centre for the Edge Fellows in Silicon Valley.